Car Tyres Warrington

Autostop will supply and fit all car tyres in Warrington including van tyres!  Based in Warrington our experienced and friendly staff will be there to help and advice.


Wheel alignment, or tracking, ensures your vehicle’s wheels are set correctly. Incorrect alignment can result in rapid wear of tyres and also can affect vehicle stability.

Please call us on 01925 633373 to check availability.

car tyres in Warrington

Car Tyres in Warrington Fitted

Our friendly staff at our tyre centre in Warrington will test all your tyres to ensure they meet the legal limit. We will also advise you on approximately how much tread is left on your tyres and when we think they will need replacing.

  • New tyres for all makes of cars and vans fitted
  • Tyre repairs to all makes of cars and vans
  • Tyre testing to ensure you are meeting the legal requirements for tread depth

When to Change a Tyre

Do you believe that your car or van doesn’t handle or grip the road as well as usual in wet weather?  Perhaps it takes longer to stop when you apply the brakes.  If this is the case it could be a sign that your tyres need replacing.

Tyres wear gradually over time and it can be difficult to notice these changes so we recommend that you have your tyres checked regularly, Autostop car tyres in Warrington can make these checks for you.

About the UK Tyre Law

UK Tyre Law: Tyre Tread and the Law

In the UK the law requires car tyres to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central three-quarters of the tyre. To help you judge how much tread you have on your car tyres, manufacturers often mould tread bars at roughly 1.6mm.

If you can see these bars your tyres are about to become illegal and unsafe. However, for optimum safety, most manufacturers recommend that your tyres be changed at 3mm.

Many manufacturers now include a Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) within the grooves of the tyre tread which becomes more visible as the tyre wears down. Whilst these markings are an indicator, always check the tread depth using a tread depth gauge and check your tyres regularly for bulges or wear.