Van and Car Air Conditioning Service Warrington

Trust Autostop for your Air Conditioning Service Warrington. Your air conditioning is useful all year round. In the summer to keep you cool and in winter for extra quick window de-misting.

Air Conditioning systems in need of a recharge are less effective and as a result put more strain on your vehicle’s engine, decreasing the fuel efficiency.

If your Air-Con system has not been recharged in 2 years it will dramatically reduce its performance and efficiency.

Full Air Conditioning Service from £60  + VAT (Includes system flush & Refill)

The full air conditioning service clears and cleans the system of old gas and oil before refilling the system.

  • We remove the old gas and oil
  • Clean the system of any remaining non-condensable gases and humidity
  • Refill the Air Con system with gas and oil
Car Air Conditioning Service Warrington


  • For older vehicles using the R134A air conditioning gas – £60 +VAT
  • For newer vehicles using the R1234YF air conditioning gas – £120 + VAT

Call us on 01925 633373 to book your vehicle in for an Air Conditioning service in Warrington.

For more help please see our Frequently asked questions below.

Air Conditioning re-gas Station Warrington

Air Con FAQ

What does the Air Con cleaning service do?

Bacteria builds up in the system over time and after a while causes unpleasant smells to circulate in the vehicle.  The cleaning process uses a special anti-bacterial solution to remove these bacteria. It’s a professional-quality ‘deep clean’ that removes 99% of the built-up bacteria from the air conditioning system.

What are the benefits of getting my air con system cleaned and recharged?

No bad smells, just fresh air!
Bad smells and bacteria can circulate your vehicle when the air con is in use.  This can make it more difficult for anyone with breathing difficulties.  Clean systems often help make the journey more comfortable for everyone.
Better fuel efficiency as your engine isn’t having to work as hard.

Why trust Autostop?

Many of our customers are repeat customers who have been to us before. We go out of our way to keep our customers happy!